Topshop organizational structure

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Organisational Structure of Burger King Holdings

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Organisation Structures and Cultures

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The organizational chart of Topshop displays its 9 main executives including Paul Price, Philip Cooke and Pilar Garcia. Organizational Dynamics of KFC.

PEST Analysis of KFC. Organization Structure of KFC. Organization Change of KFC. Culture at KFC. A leading player in the luxury industry, Prada Group is an experimental workshop of ideas. Unfettered by preconceived style codes, the creations of the Group’s brands - Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe and Marchesi - represent the answer to the exploration of society, at the same time, serving as precursors and pioneers of ever-changing scenarios.

A market is a set of buyers and sellers, commonly referred to as agents, who through their interaction, both real and potential, determine the price of a good, or a set of concept of a market structure is therefore understood as those characteristics of a market that influence the behaviour and results of the firms working in that market.

A retail business hierarchy can be defined as the list of departments and the professionals, prevalent in the retail business organizations. There are various factors, which affect the hierarchical structure.


The cause is a perceived lack of support and availability of information from the HR department. Budgetary cuts are the culprit, according to HR directors. 94% said their department was reduced as part of company cost-savings.

Topshop organizational structure
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