Solubility benzophenone methyl alcohol

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Explain the difference in solubility of benzophenone and biphenyl in methanol?

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A linear alkane containing four carbon atoms is likely to be more soluble in water than a linear alcohol containing four carbon atoms. There should be a difference in solubility of benzophenone in methyl alcohol and in hexane.

It is def. partially soluble in hexane and im guessing it is suppose to be completely soluble in methyl alcohol. Drying of Organic Solvents: Quantitative Evaluation of the Efficiency of Several Desiccants D.

Bradley G. Williams* and Michelle Lawton Research Centre for Synthesis and Catalysis, Department of Chemistry, University of Johannesburg, P.O. BoxAuckland ParkSouth Africa. Solubility of Benzophenone in methyl alcohol? Yes it is definitely soluble in methyl alcohol through experimental observation but to the extent of polarity is what i am trying to figure out.

There should be a difference i n solubility of benzophenone in methyl alcohol and in hexane. (Biphenyl and methyl alcohol are partially soluble. and benzophenone and methyl alcohol are soluble). Using chemical structures, clearly illustrate the intermolecular force responsible for this difference in solubility for the 2 compounds.

List of United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Analytical Reference Standards of Benzophenone and Related Impurities.

Solubility benzophenone methyl alcohol
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Benzhydrol CAS#: