Matrix organization structure

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Matrix management

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Matrix Organization : The Advantages And The Disadvantages

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Functional Vs. Matrix Organization Structure

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These two types of organizational structures represent the two extreme points of a string, while the matrix organization structure is a balance of these two. Matrix management is commonly used in organizations to share resources, a.k.a. employees, across functions. In a matrix management system, an individual has a primary report-to boss while also working for one or more managers, typically on projects.

A matrix organizational structure is a company structure in which the reporting relationships are set up as a grid, or matrix, rather than in the traditional hierarchy. In other words, employees. The identifying feature of a matrix organization is that some managers report to two bosses rather than to the traditional single boss; there is a dual rather than a single chain of command.

The matrix organizational structure arose from companies looking for a way to meet their needs in terms both of functional support and product focus.

In this structure, most team members have two. Revisiting the matrix organization By Michael Bazigos and Jim Harter Revisiting the matrix organization.

The Advantages of Matrix Organizational Structure

Article Actions. Share this article on LinkedIn These are also probably factors in the critics’ assertions that the matrix structure can slow decision making, blur lines of communication, stifle productivity.

Matrix organization structure
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Matrix Organization: The Advantages And The Disadvantages