Mandatory death penalty in singapore

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Misuse of Drugs Act (Singapore)

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The Mandatory Death Penalty: A Blinkered Policy

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Mandatory Death Penalty for Controlled Drugs Trafficking in Singapore

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The Misuse of Drugs Act is a drug control law in Singapore classifying substances into three categories, Classes A, B, and C. Section 44 provides that "The Minister may, by an order published in the Gazette" add, remove, or transfer drugs among the classes.

Singapore: Executions continue in flawed attempt to tackle drug crime, despite limited reforms

The Singapore government amended the mandatory death penalty law in For all but the most serious category of murder and certain cases of drug trafficking, the amended law allowed judges the discretion to choose between death and life imprisonment with caning, a vicious punishment in which the inmate is strapped down and whipped with a long rattan cane.

A year-old Singaporean woman was sentenced to the mandatory death penalty earlier this month after she was caught selling heroin, methamphetamine, cannabis and Erimin from her HDB flat and. Singapore’s Court of Appeal has rejected arguments that the mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional on the basis that it bears a rational relation to the social.

Capital punishment in Singapore

For background on the death penalty in Singapore, see Amnesty International’s recent report Cooperate or die: Singapore’s flawed reforms to the mandatory death penalty.

Topics Asia and The Pacific. Singapore’s Court of Appeal has rejected arguments that the mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional on the basis that it bears a rational relation to the social .

Mandatory death penalty in singapore
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