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CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT Vision To be a leading midstream service provider that creates exceptional value for all stakeholders by: Operating our integrated midstream assets safely and efficiently and making pragmatic financial management decisions enabling ONEOK to execute its growth strategies; Maximizing dividend payout while maintaining prudent financial strength and flexibility.

For the second quarter, eBay earnings per share came in at an adjusted level of 53 cents, ahead of consensus analyst estimates of 51 cents. However, revenue of $ billion came up just short of.

Niraj Dawar is a professor of marketing at the Ivey Business School, Canada. He is the author of TILT: Shifting your Strategy from Products to Customers (Harvard Business Review Press, ). eBay was set up in order to enable people to buy and sell all kinds of items in one place on a level playing field.

Therefore, strategy adopted by eBay matches its mission and vision. eBay’s way of doing business is unique, since buyers and sellers have most functions. Corporate Level. Business Level.

Product Level. Higher levels (corporate) govern lower level planning processes. Strategic planning requires: Planning.


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New Product Strategy Development Only a few ideas are good enough to reach commercialization. Ideas can be generated by chance, or by systematic approach and by company.

Ebay corporate level strategy
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