Contributions of organic electrosynthesis to green chemistry

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Development of an SNAr Reaction: A Practical and Scalable Strategy To Sequester and Remove HF

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Electrosynthesis and electrochemistry

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Kapiti Biodiesel Cooperative

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Herein we provide basic information concerning the nature of electrosynthetic processes, paired electrochem.

reactions, electrocatalytic reactions, reactions carried out in ionic liqs., electrogeneration of reactants, electrochem.

reactions that use renewable starting materials (biomass), green org. electrosynthesis in micro- and nano-emulsions. Introduction to Green Chemistry, Fundamental concepts, Case studies to illustrate impact of green chemistry on society, Effects of green chemistry on environment and society, Renewable Resources as a source of organic chemicals and precious fuels, Catalysis, Solvents-Alternatives to.

In the organic chemistry laboratory, green chemistry serves as a means for reducing hazards and waste in contributions to this guide. About My Green Lab My Green Lab works to reduce the environmental impact of laboratories by fostering collaboration between scientists, students, sustainability directors, environmental health and safety.

The contributions within this Thematic Series demonstrate the broad use of electrosynthesis and represent a snapshot of this current and vividly developing field.

I am convinced that electro-organic synthesis is an emerging field and that this issue will stimulate the reader to employ electrochemical methods in their own field.

Contributions of organic electrosynthesis to green chemistry
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